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Kajabi provides everything necessary for creating an online course or website, including an intuitive page-builder and marketing funnels to expand your audience.

Starting up Kajabi is simple; all it requires is two steps: signing up and providing a credit card number. Plus, there’s even a 14-day trial available!

Creating an online course

Kajabi makes course creation simple and requires no prior coding knowledge; simply upload videos, audio files, PDF documents and more for course creation. In addition, Kajabi comes equipped with its own podcast creator that allows users to quickly produce high-quality audio/video podcasts in minutes.

Additionally, Kajabi provides quizzes and polls as ways of measuring students’ knowledge of course material, giving you insight into what works and doesn’t. Group coaching, Q&A sessions, live video conferencing features for webinars or prerecorded events are also offered on Kajabi’s platform.

Kajabi offers another fantastic feature – community. This allows you to build and expand your customer base for online courses and programs you offer, helping increase sales by marketing them to the community.

The platform includes a host of marketing tools, including an affiliate program and blog/podcast feature which make reaching and attracting new customers easier. Furthermore, many other online course platforms don’t provide this extra touch of support.

Kajabi makes creating online courses easy and has a stunning design that will appeal to your target audience. When creating a course for the first time, Kajabi provides you with a template which guides the process of adding modules and lessons – these form the core components of an online course which you can add in any order or schedule their release by using its “drip content release feature”.

Creating a landing page

Establishing landing pages is a critical component of running an online business, without effective landing pages, your website may fail to generate enough traffic or sales. Achieving success with landing pages requires focusing on one goal and communicating it clearly to your audience; one effective method for doing this is creating an intriguing headline which compels readers to take action and then using consistent messaging and design throughout.

Kajabi makes creating stunning and professional landing pages easy and professional, featuring templates you can select and its drag-and-drop features to make them intuitive for anyone to use. Furthermore, it boasts an extensive analytics section that lets you track everything from page views to opt-ins and sales – plus offers a 14-day free trial period so that you can preview its capabilities before committing.

Kajabi provides more than landing pages; they also provide various templates to assist with building websites and marketing funnels, such as Lindsay, Chloe and Melody themes that help you construct websites and marketing funnels. Lindsay’s popularity among coaches and influencers while Chloe and Melody’s emphasis on customer attention are an ideal combination. Lastly, Kajabi allows sellers of physical products the option to embed a Buy Button or integrate their preferred third-party distribution service.

To add a blog to your Kajabi landing page, select the “Custom Code” menu. This will bring up a window where you can paste custom code from BlogHandy into. Once completed, click back onto Kajabi to return to its editor mode.

Creating an offer

if you sell physical products online, Kajabi provides all the features necessary to create an ecommerce store, including marketing funnels and payment processing. Plus, with its 14-day free trial you can try it before committing to full membership.

Create an offer easily with Kajabi by heading over to the Sales tab and clicking “New Offer.” It asks for your title and description before prompting you to select an offer type such as courses, membership plans or coaching packages – with payment collection options including multiple payments per product purchased and text override functionality on checkout pages displaying when people buy it.

Kajabi offers you a preview of what your offer will look like before going live, making sure everything looks right before making it live. Plus, edits can always be made later if necessary!

Once your offer has been created, upsells and downsells on the checkout page can help increase order value and decrease cart abandonment rates. A popup checkout may even speed things along – which will help ensure customers move through quickly! This approach should help drive more sales.

Add a call, meeting, or coaching session to an offer to enable customers to book an appointment with you and send them to a thank you page or email with links to Acuity/Calendly calendar and any other tools used for scheduling calls.

Kajabi also allows you to track the lifecycle of your users. You can view their purchased offers, product access details, course progress statuses and emails sent for each one – as well as filter your results based on type of product purchased or coupons used.

Creating a quiz

Kajabi offers you all of the tools necessary for creating quizzes, surveys, polls, online forms, and personality tests with ease. This all-in-one platform makes creating content easy; from selling it through selling outright or marketing the finished product; even down to its customer support system with chatbot capabilities to reach out and respond quickly when customers contact.

Kajabi offers one of the most powerful assessments features available today with its assessments feature – multiple choice quizzes, checkbox questions with checkboxes, file upload quizzes and more can all be created using its assessments feature. Furthermore, users can set a pass mark and display results when passing the assessment or not; in addition to automation rules like sending congratulations emails when their quiz was completed or reminder emails when it needs retaking again.

Kajabi’s quizzes feature is an effective way of keeping students engaged, as it includes a robust community dashboard enabling instructors to respond swiftly to student inquiries. Furthermore, this feature increases interaction and engagement among users for an enhanced learning experience overall.

Kajabi offers several features that can help promote your courses effectively, including its social media integration. Kajabi integrates with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so that your lessons can be easily shared across these networks. In addition, Kajabi’s email marketing platform makes sending emails easy; plus you can use its custom branded app feature and cart abandonment features to increase conversion of potential leads into paying customers.

Creating a website

Websites are comprised of multiple pages written using HyperText Markup Language (HTML), hosted on computers connected to the internet around the clock and made accessible worldwide. They typically feature specific themes with features like navigational aspects and call-to-action buttons for maximum customer engagement and conversion rates. A website can help your business establish an online presence that attracts customers while expanding your customer reach.

Kajabi makes website creation straightforward and enjoyable, and allows you to integrate various elements to customize it further. For instance, blogs are an easy and engaging way to share your content and promote products while Kajabi allows you to set up marketing funnels for physical products.

At the outset of any new website launch, it’s crucial that all content is optimized for search engines – particularly your homepage. A well-optimized homepage will set your business apart from competitors while increasing qualified leads through simple on-page SEO techniques such as using keyword rich titles and descriptions.

Kajabi is an excellent solution for businesses that provide educational materials, create drip content behind a membership wall, host webinars or provide email marketing campaigns. With its powerful page-building tool and CRM integration that streamlines website-building process while improving customer retention; as well as its built-in email marketing system that can send newsletters or announcements directly to subscribers; Kajabi features include intuitive drag-and-drop page builder with multiple templates as well as comprehensive analytics report that provide details on traffic levels and conversions of their sites.

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